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Summer Reading List: King Solomon's Mines

It's time to revive this old thing and kick some new life into it. For now, all these entries will be cross-posted from my blog on HPFF and some entries from my new tumblr, here. The tumblr's more for the serious thoughts whereas this will be more of a book review blog.

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HP Fic: In the Fleeting Shade

Another story for the TGS writeathon, another that I can't yet post at HPFF, this time because it's the ending of one of my WIPs, and so contains.... "spoilers". :P Picture River Song saying that word, and then you'll understand. It's the epilogue to The Sands of Time at HPFF, but since I have no clear idea when I'll finish that story, I'm posting this portion here.

It's part of an as yet imaginary project recording the life of Alastor Moody, Auror, as found in various documents. This portion, from near the beginning, comes from his mother's writings, and none of the actual story would come from Moody himself - it'd all be stories taking place around him or spoken about him.

Title: In the Fleeting Shade
Genre: angst, drama
Rating: PG
Characters: OC, Alastor Moody
Summary: Even before the letter came, she knew the truth.

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some original fiction

Many apologies for being away from LJ for so long. The summer started with much insanity in RL and hasn't quite gotten over it - much love and thanks to those who commented on earlier posts relating to said insanity. I'm in the process of moving to attend a new university, and to distract myself I've been spending more time making graphics and writing. There's a lot to catch up on with my stories and whatever other plot bunnies are roaming around in my brain.

At The Golden Snitches, I've entered their "Writeathon", which is a last author standing type of challenge. For it, I've been writing original fiction, which is a refreshing change from fanfiction. So far, two rounds have passed, and I'm still crossing my fingers to enter the third round.

The two short pieces I've written are part of a larger story arc, my un-(never)-finished NaNoWriMo entry of two years ago. The info on it is here; it's called "Penelope's Wake" and makes use of my OCs from my fanfic "Shadows and Dust" (that's what I seem to be using fanfiction for: to make my own characters). And, being addicted to Photoshop, I even have a book cover and banner.

The first segment takes place sometime in the 70's - the first murder of the serial killer.

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The second segment takes place in the present time or the near future, and takes place right before the beginning of the novel as I have it planned.

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I don't want to post these on a fiction site, so they're staying here for now. ;)


I'm currently in Europe, Slovakia to be exact, though I'm leaving tomorrow for the west of the continent. It's been a very nice trip so far, and I've written up longer bloggish entries for posting once I get home (and have 1. a more reliable internet connection, and 2. more energy). So far, I've got about 600 photos, many of which I'll probably upload for stock use in graphics. This diary of sorts is all I've had time to write, which means that I'm forgetting all the plots of my stories.

But hey, maybe I'll come up with better ones.

TTFN and TTYL. I've got some more exploring to do. ;)


this spring

In mid-May, I'll be going to Europe. Sadly not to Italy or Rome or England, but still to very interesting places, certainly ones more interesting than sticking around here. I'll be taking in Vienna, going to Slovakia, then driving across Austria and Germany to the Netherlands.

The trip is primarily about visiting family in Slovakia and the Netherlands, more in the former country, seeing that a good portion of a Sloavkian village is somehow related to me. It'll be a treat to have my last name pronounced properly, not to mention finding other people with that same last name. And the food is definitely a treat - home cooked, fresh, and probably dripping with lard, but as long as I don't see the lard, I won't know, will I? :P In the Netherlands, there isn't much family - a few of my mother's cousins - but Mum was born there, and there's lots of cultural-esque things to take in. Museums, castles, cafes, markets, Roman ruins... It'll be an adventure.

Though I am going with my parents, but I've gotten to choose most of the non-family related places we're going to, and the parents are handy because they speak their respective first-languages, while I can only manage an idiotically bad French. I haven't been for eight years, and when you're fifteen, things look different, and you don't take things in the same way. The volcano in Iceland is a little worrying at the moment, but as there's still a month before we go, hopefully the flight issue will be improved? gone? by then.

Internet access for that month will be... uncertain. Either I'll be too busy, or as will be the case in this distant Slovakian village, non-existent. But I plan to post photos and random stuff on here. Also to keep up with my stories, when possible.

As to my mood, I'm not anxious about the trip, but about my grad school applications. I've gotten three rejections for PhD so far and still have three outstanding (I must be on waiting lists for these). It's driving me mad with worry.

something to squee about

It's called Doctor Who. More specifically series five.

"The Eleventh Hour" was just so much fun to watch. The characters had great chemistry, and both Matt and Karen are adorable in a witty/lively/pretty way. The writing was fantastic and the whole episode was a great combination of old and new, perfect for a new Doctor and companion. The new TARDIS was amazing. I'm even convinced that the bow tie is appropriate.

This doesn't even include the mention of "timey wimey". That alone was win.


Losing Pandora's

Pandora's Closet is closing this week, and I wish it hadn't had to happen. It's always been my favourite graphics site, the place I could come for fun, whereas TDA has been the place I work. I loved the people at Pandora's, the spam, the challenges, the different atmosphere the whole place had. Pandora's truly was the best graphics site out there. It had a great five years, and that's what should be remembered.

And it died a slow, painful death over the last year, if not longer. It hurt to come online everyday and see the activity decrease. Some days, it seemed like nothing happened there. There were, still, times of sudden activity, when challenges would flourish and people would come back, but those times never lasted long.

It was close to coming back this year, I thought, but then it fizzled again and I feel to blame for it. Rena took me on as a vice-admin and I should have been able to do something for the site, and now that it's closing, I'm too afraid to go post anything there. I'll wonder for a long time whether I should have done more. It probably looks like I let Pandora's go in favour of TDA, and maybe that's true to a degree - I know how TDA runs and never feel uncomfortable doing something drastic there. That was never quite the case with Pandora's. Either it was more sacred or I was just a fail admin. Probably both. ><

Goodbye, Pandora's. I shall miss you greatly. No other site can be the same.

(on a side note, what's up with RCR? That place seems pretty dead lately, on an official level, at least. It's scary.)


a meme for you

I dislike memes, usually, but I'll try this one out for size (mostly because it's people commenting who'll do the work :P). If you want to fill this out, go ahead. At the very least, I could use the recommendations. XD

1. Name:
2. Birthday:
3. Where do you live:
4: What are you studying/What are you working as:
5. What makes you happy:
6. What are you listening to now/have listened to last:
7. What is particularly good/bad about my LJ:
8. An interesting fact about you:
9. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment:
10. Favorite place to be:
11. Favorite lyric:
12. Best time of the year:
13. Weirdest food you like:

1. A film:
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3. A song:
4: A band:

1. Favorite Fandom:
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3. Icon/Fic Journal (so I can join):

1. One thing you like about me:
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3. Put this in your lj so I can tell you what I think of you?

making original fiction

One goal I've set myself for this year (apart from getting into a PhD program) is publishing something. There are two options: my major research paper on Harry Potter or one of my stories. I've been readying both for publishing, and to be honest, while I have a few stories all ready to send out, I'm still too terrified to take that next step. I would freely send out my research paper, but can't do it with a story.

Why am I like this? It doesn't make any sense at all.

The problem is that I don't really know where to start. I've found journals like "The New Quarterley", which publishes new Canadian authors, but it seems so general. There are places for SF and Fantasy, but I don't think my stories are really genre pieces - once the fanfiction is taken out of them, there's no fantasy left. Then there are places for "experimental" fiction. Other than asking "what does that mean?", am I experimental enough for a journal like that?

Where does one usually go to publish things? People talk about it on HPFF, yet this next step is something that hasn't really been explained. Somewhere in the notes I have for the creative writing class I took there's a list of places to go, but that'd be three years out-of-date by now.

Not knowing what to do is a fantastic excuse for just not having the confidence to send anything out.

another new story

It's far too easy to get mired in writing short stories. Four years ago, when I took a short story writing class, I was the one person who couldn't get the concept of what a "short story" was - I was a novel person, in for the long run. Now it's the other way around. There are still two more ideas in my head for Potterverse one-shots (hopefully it stays that way), while my longer stories wallow in silence. But, the latest story is one that I'm proud of having written. That's something I never rarely get to say.

Once again, there's a story behind the story. It's an outtake from Winner Takes All, a scene that I've imagined a few times, but don't think actually fits into that novella. Secondly, after reading Virginia Woolf's The Waves, I've been haunted by her use of water imagery and the depth of her poetic language. Thirdly, I've been listening to the song "Soaked" way too often.

Then I made the banner - the greatest mistake of all because it made me want to go "write a story for it". Popping onto the HPFF forums, I found a suitable challenge for the idea - the "Kiss in the Rain Challenge".

And out of all that stuff emerged this:

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