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Losing Pandora's

Pandora's Closet is closing this week, and I wish it hadn't had to happen. It's always been my favourite graphics site, the place I could come for fun, whereas TDA has been the place I work. I loved the people at Pandora's, the spam, the challenges, the different atmosphere the whole place had. Pandora's truly was the best graphics site out there. It had a great five years, and that's what should be remembered.

And it died a slow, painful death over the last year, if not longer. It hurt to come online everyday and see the activity decrease. Some days, it seemed like nothing happened there. There were, still, times of sudden activity, when challenges would flourish and people would come back, but those times never lasted long.

It was close to coming back this year, I thought, but then it fizzled again and I feel to blame for it. Rena took me on as a vice-admin and I should have been able to do something for the site, and now that it's closing, I'm too afraid to go post anything there. I'll wonder for a long time whether I should have done more. It probably looks like I let Pandora's go in favour of TDA, and maybe that's true to a degree - I know how TDA runs and never feel uncomfortable doing something drastic there. That was never quite the case with Pandora's. Either it was more sacred or I was just a fail admin. Probably both. ><

Goodbye, Pandora's. I shall miss you greatly. No other site can be the same.

(on a side note, what's up with RCR? That place seems pretty dead lately, on an official level, at least. It's scary.)
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