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Losing Pandora's

Pandora's Closet is closing this week, and I wish it hadn't had to happen. It's always been my favourite graphics site, the place I could come for fun, whereas TDA has been the place I work. I loved the people at Pandora's, the spam, the challenges, the different atmosphere the whole place had. Pandora's truly was the best graphics site out there. It had a great five years, and that's what should be remembered.

And it died a slow, painful death over the last year, if not longer. It hurt to come online everyday and see the activity decrease. Some days, it seemed like nothing happened there. There were, still, times of sudden activity, when challenges would flourish and people would come back, but those times never lasted long.

It was close to coming back this year, I thought, but then it fizzled again and I feel to blame for it. Rena took me on as a vice-admin and I should have been able to do something for the site, and now that it's closing, I'm too afraid to go post anything there. I'll wonder for a long time whether I should have done more. It probably looks like I let Pandora's go in favour of TDA, and maybe that's true to a degree - I know how TDA runs and never feel uncomfortable doing something drastic there. That was never quite the case with Pandora's. Either it was more sacred or I was just a fail admin. Probably both. ><

Goodbye, Pandora's. I shall miss you greatly. No other site can be the same.

(on a side note, what's up with RCR? That place seems pretty dead lately, on an official level, at least. It's scary.)



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30th Mar, 2010 01:39 (UTC)
poor pandora. :( it was a lovely site to go on though i wasn't very active. i've tried other sites such as pc and rcr but idk...i guess i'm just so used to tda and how things work there. tda feels like that home away from home. pc is for sure going to be missed. as for rcr well...i was a member there but...maybe i'm biased idk...it just didn't feel like tda does...tda gives me that warm fuzzy feeling and rcr didn't so i left :p
4th Apr, 2010 23:32 (UTC)
TDA has a fuzzy feeling?! :P I guess so, in its happiest lightest moments. Each site does have a different atmosphere though, and the staff room at PC was always the most fun for me. :D
30th Mar, 2010 08:00 (UTC)
I joined PC before TDA lured me away... >.> I returned to PC a few times, but... went away, because there just wasn't much going on... I told myself that I would start to get active on PC this month or so (and I got promoted xD that gave me incentive to stay) but then this news comes along >.< sad peas.

(I'm BB! on TDA and Count on PC, btw =D)
4th Apr, 2010 23:33 (UTC)
Hey BB! :D I've added you know (didn't know who you were at first).

It was sad how quiet PC could be, and I could never figure out why it got so quiet all the sudden. It was awful that PC had to be closed. :(
30th Mar, 2010 10:01 (UTC)
Omg I had no idea PC was closing!!! :( :( Though I stepped out of the graphics circle a bit when I started uni due to time issues, it was still nice to go back occassionally and see what people were doing and remember the good times. Pandora's was a wonderful place for that, and I'm so sorry it's coming to an end. :(

How is TDA these days? I should really pop back to visit soon :) xxx
4th Apr, 2010 23:34 (UTC)
It'll be sad not being able to see the beautiful things the PC artists made, though they are on other sites, I suppose. It's just harder to find them in other places.

It's better not to ask me about TDA - the admin can only ever remember the less-than-happy things. It seems to be fun still, especially with all the pretties people have been making. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
4th Apr, 2010 23:36 (UTC)
It probably should have closed a year ago, but the nostalgia that made it hard to close this time might have been worse, since the site was still more used last year. But it's not your fault for having to leave - it's an insane amount of work being an admin, and it does make you go crazy after a while. Maybe I just thought that I could pick up the reigns like you did after Andegora left. :(
1st Apr, 2010 10:16 (UTC)
I was super sad to see Pandora's was closing. Recently, I decided that I would be more active there and then... :(
Ah, but you shoudn't blame yourself darling!! You do everything wonderfully and I can feel your pain that PC is closing.. We all do.. D:

4th Apr, 2010 23:37 (UTC)
Just as you decide to be more active, it's closed. :P Now that's bad luck!

It's strange how sad it is to lose a site. It felt like another home of sorts, I guess.
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