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this spring

In mid-May, I'll be going to Europe. Sadly not to Italy or Rome or England, but still to very interesting places, certainly ones more interesting than sticking around here. I'll be taking in Vienna, going to Slovakia, then driving across Austria and Germany to the Netherlands.

The trip is primarily about visiting family in Slovakia and the Netherlands, more in the former country, seeing that a good portion of a Sloavkian village is somehow related to me. It'll be a treat to have my last name pronounced properly, not to mention finding other people with that same last name. And the food is definitely a treat - home cooked, fresh, and probably dripping with lard, but as long as I don't see the lard, I won't know, will I? :P In the Netherlands, there isn't much family - a few of my mother's cousins - but Mum was born there, and there's lots of cultural-esque things to take in. Museums, castles, cafes, markets, Roman ruins... It'll be an adventure.

Though I am going with my parents, but I've gotten to choose most of the non-family related places we're going to, and the parents are handy because they speak their respective first-languages, while I can only manage an idiotically bad French. I haven't been for eight years, and when you're fifteen, things look different, and you don't take things in the same way. The volcano in Iceland is a little worrying at the moment, but as there's still a month before we go, hopefully the flight issue will be improved? gone? by then.

Internet access for that month will be... uncertain. Either I'll be too busy, or as will be the case in this distant Slovakian village, non-existent. But I plan to post photos and random stuff on here. Also to keep up with my stories, when possible.

As to my mood, I'm not anxious about the trip, but about my grad school applications. I've gotten three rejections for PhD so far and still have three outstanding (I must be on waiting lists for these). It's driving me mad with worry.


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16th Apr, 2010 20:12 (UTC)
DUDE! Okay, this is gonna be creepy and out-of-nowhere-WHAT, but if at any one point you find yourself bored or with time on your hands or anything, WE COULD TOTALLY MEET UP FOR A CUP OF COFFEE OR SOMETHING. Holland is THAT small. If you're weirded out by the idea I totally get it, FEAR NOT, you will not insult. Just thought I'd throw it out there :3

AT ANY RATE, if you're up for it--SEND ME ANY KIND OF NOTE, I'll probably get it. And--

The volcano in Iceland is a little worrying at the moment, but as there's still a month before we go, hopefully the flight issue will be improved? gone? by then.

PFFFF I GIVE IT A WEEK. You can't even see it. UNTIL IT STARTS RAINING ASH IT MAY ALL JUST AS WELL BE PRETEND. People stranded in airports all over Europe? PRETEND. CLEARLY. Volcanic rain or it didn't happen!
16th Apr, 2010 20:24 (UTC)
omg a trip to europe sounds awesome though. i've only ever been to a couple of other near by states here in the us so someone getting to visit another country is always so amazing to me. hope you have fun!
16th Apr, 2010 20:29 (UTC)
sounds like such a fun trip!!! don't know about mainland europe but all flights into and out of the uk are cancelled at the moment, though they're saying it'll all be back to normalish in a couple of days hopefully, so should be tooooo bad! :) x
(Deleted comment)
17th Apr, 2010 00:00 (UTC)
Oh wow, that's awesome! I hope you have lots of fun. And it's always nice going somewhere where your last name is pronounced correctly. *always has that same problem*
17th Apr, 2010 01:42 (UTC)
I'm so jealous! I really want to go to Europe. I wouldn't care where in Europe, I just really want to go!
I'm sure you'll get accepted to a grad school, you are quite brilliant :)
17th Apr, 2010 17:18 (UTC)
HAVE FUN! I am so jealous <3
17th Apr, 2010 18:47 (UTC)
Oh my goodness! This is going to be a most excellent trip. You've got us all green with envy. =) I hope you have a great time! You deserve a nice trip after all your hard work.

As for the applications - I can imagine how hard it must be to wait! Good luck, although I'm sure you won't need it. ;)
1st May, 2010 21:09 (UTC)
Awesome! "Violet teh Great" will visit Germany! ^_^ Now I'm honored to live here! hehehe *fangirl* Hope you're not gonna be disappointed if you take a short trip here, since the weather is rather awful. And yeah Have fun in Austria and the Netherlands, and the other places you gonna visit! :D :D :D

Good Luck with your grad school applications, Susan! :)
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