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I'm currently in Europe, Slovakia to be exact, though I'm leaving tomorrow for the west of the continent. It's been a very nice trip so far, and I've written up longer bloggish entries for posting once I get home (and have 1. a more reliable internet connection, and 2. more energy). So far, I've got about 600 photos, many of which I'll probably upload for stock use in graphics. This diary of sorts is all I've had time to write, which means that I'm forgetting all the plots of my stories.

But hey, maybe I'll come up with better ones.

TTFN and TTYL. I've got some more exploring to do. ;)



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27th May, 2010 21:23 (UTC)
I hope you're having fun! Omg you've taken so many photos already xD You need to put some up on here because I totally want to see what these places look like.
29th May, 2010 05:31 (UTC)
Sounds like your having a great time Susan. Can't wait to see the pictures. ily darling.

30th May, 2010 18:12 (UTC)
OMG I'm so envious right now ^_^. Look at you touring Europe and using terms like west of the continent! It certainly sounds like a wonderful experience. I hope you have fun, learn a lot of wonderful things, are safe and fed, find good internet connection wherever you go and come out of this with aweseome stories and potential novels! -sends you good weather-
17th Jun, 2010 11:42 (UTC)
Slovakia... im jealous!! I hope you had fun <3

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